We are Trivalent Chrome – We are not closing

Trivalent chrome plating provides a visible and more environmentally friendly option for achieving a lustrous chrome finish

Commercial chrome plating

We are :-

  • a commercial chrome plating specialist

  • capable of large volumes of plating and polishing work

  • able to offer fast turnaround of work, almost always within 7 days

We do :-

  • work to specific design specs and drawings

  • pre-work inspections

  • polishing metal before plating

  • plating in multiple finishes

  • post plating inspections

  • packaging pre-transit

This means that we :-

  • operate to very high specifications

  • can help you with design

  • cope with volume work

  • are a one stop shop for all your needs

  • have everything under one roof, making us much more cost-effective and fast

  • inspect at every stage reducing defects and saving you money

  • provide in house packing of completed work to ensure quality remains in transit

  • chrome plate onto brass

  • max plating length of 3m

  • max plating depth of 0.69m

  • max plating width of 0.55m

For commercial enquiries contact Sarah Knowles on
0115 978 4637