We are Trivalent Chrome – We are not closing

Trivalent chrome plating provides a visible and more environmentally friendly option for achieving a lustrous chrome finish

Chrome Plating & Rechroming Speciliasts

With over 37 years of experience our skilled staff offer a chrome plating service that is second to none.

We are capable of chrome plating very small details to large items. We are experts in overcoming the challenges that awkward shaped components can bring and can provide a chrome plating solution to fit your individual needs. Our large workshop is fully equipped with the latest metal finishing equipment and we keep up to date with the latest technologies and practices, to enable us to meet the varied demands of both our trade and private customers.

Chrome plating is very versatile and is widely used throughout different industries for decorative and technical purposes.

Chrome plating also known as chromium plating is a technique of electroplating a thin layer of chromium onto a metal object. It provides a hard wearing, corrosion resistant surface that is suitable for new and reconditioned components. We specialise in Trivalent chrome plating, which is an environmentally friendly process. All our chrome plating work is carried-out to British Standards and we incorporate additional quality control throughout the plating process to meet our rigorous standards and ensure a high-quality finish.

Decorative Chrome Plating

Decorative chrome plating has a very high reflectivity with a mirror-like gloss, having excellent corrosion resistance and tolerance to temperature variations. It is widely used for components such as metal furniture, household items like taps, door handles, shower screens, and many other applications such as medical equipment, tools like spanners and wrenches, car and motorcycle parts.

A base layer of nickel is applied to the metal first and a chrome finish is then applied to this base layer. The better prepared  base layer, the better the quality of the mirror finish. Therefore, we often recommend preparing the customers work with polishing it to a high-quality finish first, before applying the nickel base layer and finally chrome plating it. All services that we offer in-house.


This is the process of removing an old surface and re chrome plating.  We can remove old layers of chrome in such a way that is does not damage the base metal. This is done using a liquid solution that will strip away old chrome and nickel.

Once all the old layers of plating and rust have been removed, we can then re-chrome your items. Sometimes we can then apply a new chrome finish directly to this surface. Other times, if the metal surface is damaged or pitted, we would recommend polishing the metal to give an even shine and finish, making the final chrome layer look like a true mirror finish.

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