We are Trivalent Chrome – We are not closing

Trivalent chrome plating provides a visible and more environmentally friendly option for achieving a lustrous chrome finish

Our business is bordered by the River Leen, which has both fresh water fish and a whole variety of wild birds, including ducks, swans and geese regularly visible, we intend to keep it that way too!

Nottingham Platers take our responsibilities seriously. We recognise the importance of environmental protection and we comply with all regulations and legislation relating to the processes and activities of the company.

The plating method that we use (Trivalent Chrome) is environmentally friendly and all of our vats have zero emissions.  Our effluent cleaning processes ensure a safe environment for our staff and for everybody else.

Our staff operate the works to the highest of standards and we constantly monitor all of our operations to ensure that we retain these high-quality standards. We continually monitor our waste water and submit a regular analysis to the satisfaction of Severn Trent Water, we even source our fresh water from our own onsite well.

In return, the management ensure that our staff are provided with the best quality of safety measures, including; full face safety helmets with powered respirators and hearing protection.

We demonstrate that we are achieving our safety goals using regular vibration testing and comprehensive bi-annual health screening, ensuring that our measures are effective at protecting our valued staff. We work with the H&S laboratories on biological monitoring of heavy metals.

Climate Change

Just like you, we too are conscious of our impact on the wider environment. We operate scheduled maintenance to make sure that all equipment we use is running optimally, we use LED lighting where possible and we manage our power use very carefully.

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